Grand Suite - StandArt Hotel Moscow

Grand Suite

Relax with comfort

The Grand Suite, of which there is just one, is The StandArt Hotel‘s premium and most spacious living accommodation. The suite has a total area of 130 sq.m and is divided into three zones: a bright bedroom, a comfortable living room and a separate dining room with adjoining kitchen and bar
  • Room view
    Panoramic city view of Pushkinskaya Square, Strastnoy Boulevard and Tverskaya street
  • Beds and Accommodation
    One king bed and one queen bed
  • Number of rooms
    The Grand Suite, of which there is just one. On request, guests can combine the Grand Suite with a two-room Luxury Suite and expand the room to a spacious 200 m2 and two bedrooms.

Unique interior

Each room is unique in its design, offering a stylish retro-futurism of the halcyon days of the 1950s, and a level of comfort provided by modern facilities and accoutrements.

Free services for guests

Hotel guests have access to many free services - be sure to use them!

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