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YURA restaurant

Author's cuisine by Andrey Korobyak

Andrei is 33 years old, he is from Estonia. Northern roots had a strong influence on his gastronomic style. For many years, working in Europe and America, he invariably followed the canons of Scandinavian cuisine. After moving to Russia, Andrei continued to make his way through fashionable gastrotrends, again and again offering guests Nordic in all its ascetic splendor

New menu at YURA restaurant

Pure taste, naturalness and minimal heat treatment

Saturday brunches

Have brunches on weekends - a tradition that is fast and very organically integrated into Moscow gastronomic life.
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Breakfast in the center of Moscow

YURA restaurant breakfasts are ideal for morning awakening in the atmosphere of metropolitan bustle.
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Business lunches

YURA restaurant has become a real meeting place and leisurely breakfasts flowing smoothly into business or romantic lunches.

Author's cakes

The most iconic delicate fillings, coupled with the original decoration of creams, fresh berries and fruits.

About restaurant

YURA - a "space" restaurant with exquisite author's dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of the StandArt Hotel. Panoramic windows, a lot of glass, metal, marble and wood in the decoration - a modern functional space in the style of retro-futurism.

Original installations and decor elements give the interior a resemblance to the setting of a spaceship.
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You can always contact us using the feedback form or by calling +7 499 714 68 88.

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